Ahmed saleh AlYafey


Ahmed Aly Alyafei is the Founder and Owner of Art Hub Plastics Arts.

Establishment and under his guidance Art Hub has become the most active.center for the visual arts community in Abu Dhabi.

Al Yafei’s experience includes a successful career in the field of oil and gas.followed by real estate. Presently he is owner and Chairman of the Osan Group of companies of which Art Hub is a part. Founded 22 years ago, Osan Group  investments cover a range of commercial activities with interests in contracting, real estate, industry, transportation, maintenance, facility management, catering, retail service stations and jewelry However, it is Al Yafei’s passion for art and the advent of plans for Saadiyat Island; most particularly the inclusion of the Louvre and Guggenheim museums, that compelled him to develop the Art Hub format envisaged as complementing and supporting the long term mission of the Abu Dhabi Government for the visual arts.

Following extensive research and canvassing of the community of artists in Abu Dhabi, Art Hub Plastic Arts Establishment was formed in 2009. Construction of the 2,500 square meter compound was completed and the inaugural artist community in the United Arab Emirates welcomed the first artists in residence on October 2012 and the grand opening occurred on 5 November 2012.