Ramzy Moustafa


Obtained Diploma of the High School of Applied Arts 1947.

Diploma from the Official Institute for Ceramics in Venice, Italy.

Diploma of the Italian Academy of Fine Arts Department of stage-setting, 1955.

Advanced studies in the Royal Faculty of Art in London , 1956.

Study for Ceramics, in the city Herger Nzohausen, Western Germany.

Study for a year at the French Institute of Research in Paris.

Study for a year at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Prague.

Study for a year at the University of Moscow to study in Iowa City.

Ph.D. in Philosophy of Theatre (Stage-Setting) from the University of Denver, United States of America, 1961.


 Member of the fine arts committee at the Ministry of Culture.

Committee member of the emanating arts committee from the Division of Cultural, thought, advocacy and religion Affairs, Central Committee of the Federation of Arab Socialist.

Member of Cairo Atelier Group of Artists and Writers for four years and Vice-President of the Board for a period of two years.

Member of the British Ceramic Society.

former Member of International Ceramists in Geneva.

Member of the National Specialized Councils.

Board member of the Global Theater Scenes. 

Solo shows:

Established more than forty exhibitions each of the Cairo, Alexandria, Rome, Venice, Florence, Bologna, Italy, London, New York, Stockholm, Vienna, Prague, Denver, Oklahoma, Essen, (West Germany), Munich, Paris, Los Angeles.

Exhibition in Ekhnaton art gallery, Zamalek Arts Center, 1968.

(supplication) Exhibition in the General Authority for the Arts and Literature1980.

Exhibition in Art Center, 1981, 1982, 1990.

Exhibition in Ekhnaton (2) art gallery, Zamalek Arts Center, 1997.

Exhibition in Extra art gallery, 1998.

Local exhibitions:

 The Premiere Black and White Drawing Salon, Gezira Arts Center, May 2004.

 Form Through Light Art Exhibition (Nour al-Shakl) at the Arts Palace November 2004.

The 7th Salon of Mini Works of Art, 2004.

The Premiere Sculpture Salon of Noble Material, 2005 at the Arts Palace (special invitation).

 National Exhibition of Fine Arts session (29) 2005.

1st Festival of Fine Creation ( General exhibition and 1st Fine Art Fair 2007) .

Exhibition ` Art and Grant` - Al-Oruba Rotary Club 2007 .

1st Festival of Fine creation (30th General exhibition and 1st Fine art Fair )2007

20th Salon of the National association of Fine arts, at Fine arts gallery and the Musician library, Opera ,February 2008

2nd Festival of Fine Creation (31st General exhibition) 2008.

International exhibitions:

Egypt Today Exhibition America 1981. Venice Biennale, Exhibition 1984. Egyptian exhibition Kuwait 1989. Biennale Cairo International II for Ceramics, 1994, Fifth 2000.

Ceramics Exhibition Egyptian itinerant Europe.

Venice Biennale, 2001.

International recognition:

Jury Award from the Fifth Cairo International Biennale, 1994.