Princess Wijdan Fawaz Al-Hashemi (Jordan)

1993 Ph.D. in the history of Islamic Art, School of Oriental and African studies SOAS, University of London

‏1991 Master in Islamic Art, School of Oriental and African studies, University of London

‏1961 : Bachelor of Arts in History, School of Beirut for Girls ( Now, The American Lebanese University).

‏Practical life :

‏1997  – 1994 : Assistant professor in Islamic Art and Aesthetics in the High Institute for Islamic Architecture and Art, University of Aal Al Bait, Almafreq, Jordan.

‏1994 – 1992 President of Establishing Committee of the High Institute for Islamic Architecture and Art, University of Aal Al Bait, Almafreq, Jordan.

‏1991  Part – time Instructor in Islamic Art and Aesthetics, Fine Arts Department, El Yarmouk University, Erbed, Jordan.

‏1980 Established the Jordanian National Museum for Fine Arts.

‏1979 Established the Royal Association for Fine Arts.

‏1966 – 1962 the first woman who entered Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jordan, assistant of Manager of National Organizations Department.

‏Art Exhibitions:

31 individual exhibitions in each of Oman, Berlin, London, Madrid, Washington, Karachi, Masqat, Bahrain, and Rome.

89 collective art galleries and Biennale.


‏Modern art exhibition, Doha – Qatar.

‏Voor Volkunkunde Museum / Rotterdam.

‏International Museum for Twentieth Century arts Laguna Beach, California.

‏National Exhibition for woman arts, Washington.

‏ The British Museum , London, United Kingdom.

Asyla Museum, Morocco Kingdom.

National Museum, Islamabad, Pakistan.

‏Active Member in cultural bodies and forums:

‏ A member in Trustees Council : Arab Cultural foundation ( 2001 – 2005 ).

‏ A member in Arbitration committee : National Catalonia Prize ( 1998 – 2012 ).

A member in Arbitration Committee : Mediterranean basin prize for youth Book.

Vice president : National Council for human and Philosophical  studies in UNISCO organization, Paris (1997 – 2000 ).

‏ Member : National Affairs Association, Oman (1984 – 2000 ).

Member : High committee of Grash Festival for culture and Arts, Oman ( 1982 – 2006 ).

Establishing member : African Arab Forum, Asyla, Moroccan Kingdom ( 1984 – 1990 ).


‏2011: Gani Spada prize for courage about woman National Institution , barshia, Italy.

‏2010: Diplomatic Mediterranean Sea prize Napoli – Italy.

‏2009: ProphiloDonna, Premio Internazionale, Italy

‏1990: Order of Hussein Ben Talal Alzahabe for art achievement.

‏1994: prize of National Council for woman art for unique art participations, Chicago, USA.

‏1987: Order of arts and literatures – Ministry of Culture, France.

‏1981 : Golden Order from Academie Internationale de Lutece -Lille-France ) .