The art workshop in this session consists of graduates of Faculty of Fine Arts, six artists were added for the first time this year from the youth in final stages in faculties of Fine Arts,  as per two of the promising artists from faculties in(Cairo - Minya - Alexandria ), the committee has approved this syllabus to motivate young artists from Luxor city to search and explore the heritage in a contemporary  formula. No doubt that the ancient Egyptian inheritance possesses all the fundamentals of modernity from which a great number of modern and contemporary artists have learned. This step was taken as well to encourage the most privileged students in the final stages to come back, correlate, and become loyal to this inheritance while they are in their beginning of artistic career wishing them to achieve the goal of belonging to high cultural inheritance.

Program of coincident forums with the Symposium proceedings

 In Luxor Governorate

  Dialogue Tables Program:                                                                                                                                                                                     

 Friday: 18/12/2015 Salah El-Meligy ( Egypt ) ,Ahmed jarid       ( Morocco ).

Saturday: 19/12/2015 Gihan Suliman( Egypt),Ana Maria Laurent(Argentina),Sana Brahim     ( Tunisia )

Sunday: 20/12/ 2015 Mahmoud Hamed(Egypt),Yasseen Harraz (Egypt),Claudia Eleonore Geil (German)

Monday: 21/12/2015 Ali Saed (Egypt), Costin Bratenanu (Romania), Mahdeya Aly Al -Taleb         ( Saudi Arabia )

Tuesday: 22/12015 Zakaria Ahmed, Isabella Tirelli ( Italy ), Moussa Omar ( Oman )

Wednesday: 23/12/2015 Reham Elsaadany ( Egypt ), Maria Elena Morato ( Spain ), Omar Ali Ahmed ( Iraq )

Thursday: 24/12/2015 Adel Mostafa, Miro Solavo Trujkanovikj (Macedonia), vasiliki Vlachogianni      (Greece)

Friday: 25/12/2015Ahmed Hafez, Alaa Awad ( Egypt ), Bee Ng ( Malaysia )

Saturday: 26/12/ 2015 Mai Refky ( Egypt )

Amal Nasr : The  critic accompanying the participants in the eighth session of the symposium