Suad Issawi (Jordan)

Suad Issawi was born and raised in Amman| Jordan; graduated from Damascus University/ Faculty of Arts with a B.A in Interior Design in 1982.

Suad established  the first private Art Gallery in Amman, Jordan “Foresight32 Art Gallery” in 1990; she still runs it until today. Throughout the past 25 years she has held hundreds of solo exhibitions for established artists in the region such as Helmy Al Touni, Ahmad Nuwar, Jamil Shafiq, Shalabiah Ibrahim alongside others from Egypt; Fateh Al Moudarres, Nazir Nabaa, Nazir Ismail from Syria. Foresight hosted various established and emerging experiences from the region and the world. She has also organized the first symposium for Arab female artists with the participation of Fatima Ismail as well as the 1st and 2nd Sculpture Symposium which hosted ten Arab Countries  with the cooperation of Jerash Festival.

Foresight’s  role isn’t restricted to holding exhibitions, it has played a significant role in regenerating the local and regional art scene by raising cultural dialogues and exchange both within the Middle East and in the international art community.