Amany Mohamed Elsayed


Teacher and Trainer
Faculty of Arts, Cairo University
The academic year 2015-16 to date
Teaching the subjects of Talent Psychology and Image Language within the framework of the curriculum of the Diploma in Creative Thinking from the Faculty of Arts (Psychology Dept.), Cairo University.
Teacher and Trainer
Faculty of Arts, Cairo University
The academic year 2017-18 to date
Teaching the subject of Creation Development in Psychology Dept., Faculty of Arts, Cairo University.
Department of drawing and painting, Faculty of Art Education in Zamalek
1993 to date

June 2016
Creativity Studies and Applications Diploma
Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts, Cairo University

Sept. 2008
PHD in the Philosophy of Art
The Faculty of Art Education
June 2000
Master in the philosophy of Art
The Faculty of Art Education
B.SC in Art Education with honors degree
The Faculty of Art Education in Zamalek

 Since graduation to date, a member of the teaching staff of the Department of Drawing and Painting in the Faculty of Art Education.
 Contemporary Egyptian Artist.
 Since graduation, had participated in many national and international art exhibitions and workshops. Examples include:


“Art Spreads Hope” Online International Exhibition, March 2020.
o A public Art Exhibition, Feb. 2020.
o Egypt International Art Salon, Hurghada, Jan. 2020.
o “Faces and Places Dialogue workshop”, Dec. 2019.
o ASREA, International Contemporary Art Competition, Oct. 2019.
o AFROART, The First Symposium for African Art in Egypt, Apr. 2019.
o Forum of Salsabeel El Nil (i.e. "Nile fresh water"), under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, Feb. 2019.
o Gallery "Dhai" Workshop, Jan. 2019.
o Ostraka International Forum, Sharm El-Sheikh, Jan. 2019.
o A public art exhibition in Dec. 2018.
o The Exhibition of "October – the Power of Peace", Oct.2018.
o International Piraeus Symposium, Sharm El-Sheikh, Sep. 2018.
o The Capital Art Center Exhibition, Sep. 2018.
o Int. exhibition in Art Gap, Rome, Italy, April 2018.
o Art exhibition in Cairo Opera House, Egypt, Mar. 2018.
Dr. Mousa's works of art are available in several Arab and foreign countries, including Egypt, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, United States of America, Italy and Spain.

The artwork of Dr. Amany reflects different human conditions tended to abstraction. She always digs deep for the true spirit of mankind. The key philosophical issues considered by Dr. Amany are life and death, existence and humanity in general. She pursues such topics through combining the aesthetics of the color and textural treatments of different surfaces as well as the expressive indications of the human body.

13th Luxor International Painting Symposium