Ahmed Abdel Fattah


Artist Ahmed Abdel Fattah Born in 1987, He is a contemporary Egyptian Painter. lives in Egypt between Cairo and Luxor. Also a teacher assistant in painting Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts Luxor. He graduated in 2011 with an excellent appreciation and the first on the college, He got his master’s degree in fine arts, Expertise painting Titled ‘The Influence of New Media on Contemporary Painting’.

 and his experience takes different dimensions of contemporary realism, work on making dynamic rhythms depend on different elements such as people, nature, and trees. Used in mostly the same thing recursively like the way you used the repeating elements of the geometric units in making patterns. Through these rhythms, it embodies artwork of a conceptual trait that leads us to concluded what behind the work that has a sentimental way rather than symbolic, while adhering to the rules of contemporary realism painting. He's lover of Experimenting, each work he consider as an new experiment of a different new visual concept so he comes out though this concept from the idea of the medium has practical experiences included in artwork relate to the rule of technology in contemporary Art "New Media Art".


the works of Ahmed Abdel Fattah Has exhibited in a large-scale international in Germany, Italy, and Ross, Bahrain, London, New York, Guatemala, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, beside the exhibitions and the local events in Egypt. In 2015 he got award of Cleopatra the first position in Siwa atelier  2015, the third place globally in the Nasser bin Hamad award 2016 also he had been honored by the prince Nasser ben hamad in the World Youth award 2016 in Kingdom of Bahrain, in 2017 has been chosen among the 30 best young talent in the World Festival of youth talent and students in Russia to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. A report was written about him in Russian on the festival's official website. www.rossia2017.


com as one of the special participating experiences in the festival. He has numerous awards in other fields , such as the YouTube Creative Day award in Egypt 2015 and the behance award in digital painting 2016

13th Luxor International Painting Symposium