yara Hatem Hamed


Education: Graduated from Gizera language schoof year 2008 Nen graduated from faculty of line arts, 1-felwan Univers[ty, De­partment of Mural Painting - grade of excellence with honors (second place) - Egypt - year 2013


Member in the Egyptian syndicateof plastic arts.

- ICDL (international computer driving license at Russian culiufe center at Cairo.

  • graphic diploma at Russian culture center at Cairo
  • Certificates of appreciation:
  • From gezira language schools for the years 2001, 20402 and (2002, 2003).
  • From the center for capacity developments of hadaek el kouba. Cairo for superiority in different contests and on the occasion of the golden jubilee of the revolution July 23-1952 year (2001 2002)
  • From the national institute of specialized for the first prize of the national contest of water maintain (2002).
  • From the (latelier de cake) for participating in exhibition (artist prova) (2011).
  • From the Egyptian snapshot group for participating in the exhibition (meditations at Egyptian heritage) (2012


  • Helwan university yearly exhibition years 2009,2010-
  • C.D. exhibition (20-11)
  • Salon of youth artists the 22 (2011)
  • (nusklia rakam wahad) artist prova exhibition at Cairo atelier October (2011)
  • IvIeditalions on Egyptian heritage ty Egyptian snapshot group February (2012).
  • One year revolution exhibition at opera house (2012)
  • First Nubian Egyptian African festival (March 2012)
  • Fifst artistic youth test, al at the giza culture palace (April 2013)
  • Music (Mazeeka) exhibition, Bo um Art gallery, Downtown (June 2014)


  • Formation of scrap IRON WORKSHOP - STEREOTACTIC EXPRESSION - Helwan University - Egypt (2 Dec. to 11 Dec. 2013).

Interests & ACtivitieS:

An Teaching for kids and adults, Ballet Dancing, Reading



  • The second prize in the eleventh international contest for children's art for the year (2000).
  • The first prize in the international contest for children's painting in Rome under the name of (Olympic sports) for the year (2002)
  • The first prize in the contest of the state of water
    resources and irrigation for the year (2002)
  • A prize from the festival of (reading for all) for the year (2002) and (2004).
13th Luxor International Painting Symposium