Milka Vujović


Born 24.10.1965. in Podgorica, Montenegro

1990 graduates from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

1991 becomes a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro


1993 obtains an MA Degree from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Department

of Graphic Arts, Belgrade

1994 - 1997 engaged in teaching as a talented artist at the Faculty of Applied

Arts, Belgrade

Since 1998, she has been working at the Faculty of Applied Arts as an

Assistant Professor of Graphic Techniques at the Department of

Painting,Sculpturing and the Department of Conservation and Restoration.

2006 becomes a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia-ULUS

2010. becomes a Professor at the same Faculty

2012. becomes a member of Association of applied Artists of Serbia -


2016. becomes full Professor at Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

She took part in many comitees Faculty related and was a member of  Senate of University of Art in Belgrade.

She is engaging  in paintings, original graphic art and drawings.

Her  works are in collections of many museums and private collections all over the world.




1990 ULUPUDS Special Prize

1990 Golden Pen of Belgrade, 1st International Biennial of Illustrations

1999 Honorary Award, 2nd International Biennial of Small Format Prints,

Cluj, Romania

2005. Belgrade, First Prize, Belgrade Mini-Art Scene

 2015. Special Prize of Jury, International Triennial of Graphic Art, Bitola, Macedonia

 2018. 9th International graphic Triennial, Honorary prize, for remarkable contribute in the graphic art in the world, Bitola, Macedonia




1990 Budva, Montenegro, Donatello Gallery ( prints )

1991 Belgrade, Serbia,Gal Gallery ( prints )

1993 Podgorica, Montenegro, Art Pavilion ( prints )

1993 Belgrade,Serbia, Graphic Collective Gallery ( prints )

1993 Petrovac, Montenegro, Red Commune Gallery ( prints )

1993 Tivat, Montenegro, Buca Gallery ( prints )

1994 Belgrade, Serbia, KBC Palette Gallery ( paintings and drawings )

1995 Podgorica,Montenegro, Contemporary Art Centre of Montenegro ( paintings )

1995 Herceg Novi, Montenegro, Josip Bepo Benković Gallery ( paintings )

1996 Kotor, Montenegro, Old Town Gallery ( paintings )

1996 Tivat, Montenegro, Gallery of the Yugoslav Army Hall ( paintings )

1997 Belgrade, Serbia, Graphic Collective Gallery ( prints and paintings )

2000 Podgorica, Montenegro, gallery “Centre” ( prints )

2001 Nova Gorica, Slovenia, Artes Gallery ( prints )

2002 Podgorica, Montenegro, Art Pavilion ( paintings )

2007 Belgrade, Serbia, Singidunum Gallery ( paintings )

2007 Starčevo, Serbia, House of Culture ( prints )

2007 Belgrade,Serbia, Kalemegdan Fortress Gallery ( prints )

2009 Podgorica, Montenegro, Bridge (Most) Gallery ( paintings )

2013. Podgorica, Montenegro, Pizana Gallery ( paintings )

2014. Belgrade, Serbia, ULUS Gallery ( prints )

 2015. Budva, Montenegro, Modern gallery ( prints )

2018. Bar, Montenegro, King Nikola's castle ( paintings )

 2019. Podgorica, Montenegro, Museums and galleries of Podgorica, retrospective ( prints and paintings )

2021. Kumbor, Montenegro, "One&Only" resort, project "Artist in residence" ( paintings )




Participated in over 300 group art exhibitions in Serbia, Montenegro, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Bosnia, Italia, Japan, Malaysia, Romania, Russia, Hungary, Greece, Macedonia, Croatia, Syria, Slovenia, Austria,


14th Luxor International Painting Symposium