Hossam Sakr


Graduated at the Faculty of Art Education in 1989, Helwan University, Egypt (first, honor rank).

He received his masters and PhD in Art and Education from the same academy 2001

As well as getting PH.D. equivalent (French National Academic Center for Information and scientific diplomas- France (NARC) - and the European Information Network (EIC) 2017.

He also published international researches in Art and Education and has been working since his graduation as professor in the Department of Drawing and Painting.

Sakr taught at the American University in Cairo (AUC), Visual Arts Department, as well as the University of Bahrain. He participated in several workshops in Europe and the USA. He also contributed in Fulbright programs as arbitrator of art projects granting in the Middle East.

The artist has received numerous outstanding awards in Egypt and other countries.

He has been declared as the first artist carrying out a performance art in Egypt in 1994. Sakr also worked as art critic in several Arabic and English newspapers such as the Middle East Times News.

His works have been exhibited in Egypt, France (Paris and Montargis), Spain (Mallorca) 'Germany (Stuttgart) and Italy (Palazzo Rapolla) ( Venosa: Porta Coeli Foundation where he received the first international prize -Art In Career- 2019).

He also cooperated with some programs of the World Bank in Washington DC.

His works have been acquired by several museums and art institutions in Egypt (Museum of Modern Egyptian Art) and other countries.

Since 2003 until now the artist has established studios in Germany, then France, and lately a studio in Mayotte (a French region in the Indian Ocean), beside his studio in Cairo.

The artist has travelled to many parts of the world, including Europe, the USA, Africa and some islands in the Indian Ocean. He believes that the world is a never ending journey.

14th Luxor International Painting Symposium