Dowa Khaled Mohamed Hattem


Dowa Khaled Mohamed Hattem

• Head of Decoration department at the Faculty of Applied Arts Helwan University.

• Professor at Decoration department at the Faculty of Applied Arts.

• Had the PhD. Degree in 2004 in cartoon animation its subject is: (Creation of

Plastic Art Patterns with an Egyptian Characteristics in Animated Cartoons a

Case Study on Egyptian Women).

• Had the M.A. Degree in 1999 in the painting and its relevant to Cartoon

Animation. Its subject is: (Color Values Studies at M.M. KHALIL and His Wife

Museum Treasures and Their Use by Computer in Animated Movies )

• Graduated with excellent degree faculty of applied arts Egypt-1992

• Free studies in Painting and sculpture/ Faculty of fine art 1990.

• Worked as decorative designer at the League of Arab States 93/94.

• Worked as illustrator in the newspaper Greens 1995.

Member in:

• Syndicate of applied designers.

• Assala society of plastic arts.

• Cairo Atelih society.

• Egyptian animation society.

• Syndicate of Plastic Arts.

Experience in teaching

• Work in teaching field at Decoration department faculty of applied arts since

1994 until now.

• Work as professor in faculty of Arts & Science Badr University since 2016 -2017

• Teach Illustration, Animation, storyboarding, character design, animation backgrounds and

Drawing & Painting.

• Worked as Teaching Assistant at Benha Faculty of Specific Education 1993.

• Supervised of many of Master and PhD researches.

• Member of the Jury for many of Master and PhD researches.

• One of the referees for scientific research, the Permanent Scientific Committee

for Applied Arts

• One of the referees for the scientific researches of the Journal of Architecture

and Arts - Arab Society for Civilization and Islamic Arts

Computer program skills

Photoshop – Premiere – C.T.P Animation – Toon Boom Animation –

Illustrator – AutoCAD.

Residencies& Visits

Egypt - Spain- Italy- France – Germany – Austria – Turkey- Sudan - Saudi Arabia

Artistic activities in the painting field

❖ Commissaire of (Art Company) exhibition at Gezira Art Center 2015.

❖ Held (Art Company) competition in drawing &painting for the graduate and

undergraduate student with many prizes at faculty of Applied Arts 2015.

International shows:

❖ Biennale Florence IX Edition at the Fortezza da Basso - Ethics : DNA of Art 2013.

❖ The Second Edition of SANTORINI BIENNALE «Peace Mechanisms» Messaria

village - 2014

❖ Barcelona International Art Fair - The 5th International Fair of Contemporary art -

Maritime Museum in Barcelona- 2016

One man show:

1. Exhibition sabah & messa El bab Slim Gallery – Cairo Opera House 2020.

2. Exhibition Light Azad Art Gallery 2018..

3. Exhibition THE PEACE Gezira Art Center 2014.

4. Exhibition NO at the faculty of applied art gallery 2014.

5. Exhibition THE LIGHT at Cairo Atelier gallery 2012.

6. Exhibition THE GARDEN at El Sawy Culture wheel 2009

7. Exhibition THE GARDEN 2 at Cairo Atelih gallery 2008.

8. Exhibition LAMASAT at Cairo Atelih gallery 2000.

9. Exhibition COLORS at the faculty of applied art gallery 2000.

10. Exhibition THE DREAM at the opera art gallery in 1995.


1. Prize of painting. The national council for youth and sport. Exhibition in 1990.

2. The first prize of painting (Bader El Din Abo Gazzy). 37 Exhibition for youth. The

fine art friend’s society 1997.

3. The second prize of painting. 38 Exhibition for youth. The fine art friend’s society


4. Prize of painting 39 Exhibition for youth. The fine art friend’s society 1999.

5. The second prize of painting the national council for youth and sport 2000.

6. Encourage prize of painting the national council for youth and sport 2000.

7. The second prize of painting Ramadan Exhibition .Egypt ministry of culture 2000.

8. The pronze prize of painting. The national biennale at Bort Saeed no. 5 2001

9. Encourage prize of painting. The national biennale at Bort Saeed no. 6 2003.

10. Appreciation certificate The Jerusalem Foundation International- Exhibition the

doors of Jerusalem in 2009.

• Participated in more than 70 group exhibitions.


Culture ministry . Cairo Opera House . El ahrame newspaper . Helwan university .

Special acquisitions in Egypt and Spain.

The local Encyclopedia which contain the name of the artist:

• Encyclopedia of Youth Salon, Part II, prepared by Critic / Mohamed Hamza

2002, produced by Fine Arts Sector.

• Encyclopedia of the pioneers of the Faculty of Applied Arts - Preparation of

Prof./ Ahmed Moustafa Waheed / Applied Arts designers Syndicate / 2007.

• Encyclopedia of Fuculty of Applied Arts/ history and creativity - 1839: 2009 /

prepared by Prof. / Ahmed Khalil / 2009

Artistic activities in the Animation and films field

1. The Director and make all of the 2d animated film (Egyptian Dreams) .2.5


2. Partner in 15th Cairo international film festival for children 2005.

3. Partner in 11th Cairo Egyptian national film festival 2005.

4. ITI 2nd international digital media conference 2005.

5. Exhibition for designing cartoon characters in the faculty of applied arts in 2004.

6. Exhibition “Art for children” 2006.

7. The Director of the first animation festival of faculty of applied arts with Dr. Manal

Abd Reheem 2007. The festival contain :

• Make film (Mama Zamanha Gaya). 5.25 minutes. 2d with sharing the

student of decoration & mural painting department. Fourth grade 2007.

• Exhibition the plastic art in the cartoon film .explore the relationship

between the painting and cartoon.

• Three meeting with high group of professors and businessmen in the

animation field in Egypt.

8. Sharing in presenting meeting about “The animation in the ancient Egypt art”


9. Sharing in workshop and making film “Our country trip” 17th Cairo international

film festival for children 2007.

10. The director of animation workshop for children and making film “EL HAGEZ”

1ST Egyptian animation society festival for 2008.

11. A member of the Jury for the Animation Festival Association figures within the

animation in collaboration with the Cultural Development Fund / Talia Herb

Cultural Center from 26 to 31 January 2008.

Artistic activities in the Mural painting & Architecture design

1. Sharing in Mosaic works with length 60 m at Sharm El Shik airport .

2. Architectural designs for residential buildings facades (buildings and villas) new


3. Participation in the designs Concrete Park – compound urban planning and

design for residential and servi

14th Luxor International Painting Symposium