Khaled Elagizy


born in Mansoura in 1997, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Department of Oil Painting, participated in many group exhibitions, including the exhibition of the first step 2,3,4. Vision exhibition at Mansoura National Museum 2017. The first and third art competition at Badr University, Ostraka International Biennale 2018. The Fifth Burullus International Forum 2019 Youth of Tomorrow Exhibition at the Academy of Arts 2019 Cairo Salon 2020 in Hurghada Day Festival for Arab Youth 2020 . Participation in ATM gallery 2020 He received many awards, including:-
First Prize in Nawar Painting Competition 2017.
Encouragement prize in the initial art competition at Badr University 2017.
Incentive Award at the Ostraka Biennale 2018.
First prize in the third art competition in oil painting at Badr University BUC 2019..
The first prize in the festival of creativity 8 in the field of drawing 2020
First Prize in the Egy Talent Art Competition 2020
Acquisition of CIB International Bank
Personal belongings in Poland

14th Luxor International Painting Symposium